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Very Expensive Christmas Gifts.

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There are many reason why some Christmas Gifts are very expensive. Some Christmas gifts, like watches & shoes, are hand-made & so are very expensive to create. Then you have high prices for precious stones like rubies & diamonds resulting from scarcity combined with very high demand. Producers of these precious stones seek to maintain high prices as part of the up-market branding which they have established.Top designers can charge very expensive prices for clothes as they are selling 'exclusivity' & a brand aura which customers covet. In another case of high prices comes 'big ticket' items such as yacht, speed boats & cars. A most unusual & very expensive Christmas Gift would be a top throughbred stallion nomination - just the perfect Christmas present for that horse mad offspring or relative.

So when Christmas comes around it is only natural that high worth individuals want the best for their loved ones. The best is often the most expensive so sample some of the very expensive Christmas Gifts above.


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